Episode #013 – Stonerokk & Graham Funke

On episode 13 DJ Mackey sits down with Stonerokk and Graham Funke to talk about the evolution of DJ’ing and how technology has changed the art form. Known collectively as The Captains of The Industry, these two legends tell us about the gear they started on, what is was like to DJ on vinyl only, and how DJ AM influenced them to switch to laptops with Serato. You will also find out why Stonerokk has (7) copies of Sir Mix A Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’,what they think of CDJ’s, Graham’s DJ Premier story, and their hilarious thoughts regarding PioneerDJ being superior to RaneDJ. So take a trip and geek out with us as they mention names like Gemini, Vestax, Shure, Phase DJ and Technics.

This episode is sponsored by Berklee Online. Learn more about earning a Master’s Degree online in Music Production or Music Business from the esteemed Berklee College of Music by clicking here. The Gear Fiends Podcast is recorded exclusively with Shure SM7b & SM58 microphones.


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